Corona Virus in South Africa: What Can We Do About It

Corona Virus in South Africa: What Can We Do About It. The Corona Virus is a relatively new strain of the Coronavirus family. It has recently been identified in South Africa and is proving to be a significant health problem for a lot of people. This disease is caused by a variant of the Simian virus and unfortunately is as yet not known to cause any serious harm to humans. However, it’s always best to be safe than sorry, as it is the human element which allows viruses to persist and spread.

This particular disease is not a new one, but is a recent discovery. It was first discovered back in 1993, when researchers noticed an increase in the number of cases occurring in what were then considered healthy countries. It soon became clear that the virus had not only entered these countries via travelers, but that it was rapidly spreading even further thanks to the poor hygiene of those who had contracted it in the first place. As a result, medical teams were deployed to fight the Corona Virus and, with considerable success, have so far been able to slow its spread.

Corona Virus in South Africa: What Can We Do About It

  • The virus primarily infects the intestinal tract, causing diarrhea and vomiting in most sufferers. The symptoms worsen quickly, though, and can be seen within hours or even minutes of contracting the disease. Once contracted, the symptoms will become more frequent, and will likely remain long after the initial infection has disappeared. Some of the symptoms include feeling unwell, vomiting and diarrhea. Other symptoms are less severe and may include swelling of the feet or hands, weakness in the muscles, blurred vision, pain or bleeding in the joints, and problems with breathing.

As mentioned, the Corona Virus is also known as Simian flu. Although the name may be unfortunate, since this particular disease is totally unrelated to the common cold or flu, this does not mean that you should attempt to treat yourself with the medicines being used in hospitals for other common illnesses. Only get help from qualified professionals. If your local hospital is currently dealing with patients suffering from Corona, or other related diseases, and you suspect that you have contracted it, see them immediately for confirmation.

Corona Virus in South Africa: What Can We Do About It-Aedes africanus

Although this disease is easily spread, it is usually caught in the first place by mosquitoes. The species involved, Aedes africanus, is common in South Africa and is found in all the major cities. You are more likely to come into contact with the disease, if you tend to visitiasis hot-spots during the rainy season, such as Durban or Cape Town. Another means of transmission is through infected animals, such as wild animals and birds. Corona can be transferred by touching things used by an infected person.

Thankfully, there is a treatment available to fight off this disease. There is no vaccine, but common sense will help in avoiding contact with those who do, and those treating who do come into contact with the virus variant. This will ensure that the disease cannot spread unnecessarily. If you are worried about getting this virus variant and don’t want to end up contracting it unintentionally, then take precautions. Corona virus is a manageable condition, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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